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Parks & Rec

Parks and Recreation departments rely on a variety of supplies to maintain and manage public parks, recreational facilities, and open spaces within a community. These supplies can include everything from basic tools and equipment to specialized items and materials. Some common Parks and Recreation supplies include:

  • Tools and equipment: This can include items such as mowers, trimmers, hedge clippers, power tools, hand tools, and other equipment necessary for maintaining parks and recreational facilities.
  • Safety gear: This can include items such as hard hats, gloves, safety glasses, earplugs, and other personal protective equipment to ensure the safety of workers and volunteers.
  • Landscaping materials: This can include items such as mulch, topsoil, sod, plants, seeds, and other materials necessary for maintaining and improving the appearance of parks and recreational facilities.
  • Athletic equipment: This can include items such as sports balls, nets, goals, and other equipment necessary for sports fields and courts.

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  • Accuform AccuFix

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  • Delta Flat Bench

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  • Deluxe Tripod Water Station

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  • In-Ground Trash Can

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  • Keystone Drag Mats

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  • Open Base Water Station

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  • Recycled Ice Chest Container

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  • Rock Island Back Bench

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  • Spike Kleener

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  • Spike Kleeners-Scrusher

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  • Spring Back Rake Head

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  • Levelawn – SG

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  • gopher hawk

    Gopher Hawk

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  • Kujo Super Shoe

    Kujo Super Shoe

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  • cooler cover lock

    Cooler Cover Lock

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  • double water station

    Deluxe Double Water Station

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  • information sign

    Information Sign

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  • flat bench

    Flat Bench

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  • back bench

    Back Bench

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