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Maintenance Rakes

A maintenance rake is a type of tool used to maintain and groom golf course bunkers. The rake is used to smooth out the sand in the bunkers, remove debris, and create a consistent surface for golfers to play from.

Maintenance rakes come in various designs, but they typically have a long handle and a wide, flat head with tines or teeth. The tines or teeth are used to comb through the sand, breaking up clumps and smoothing out the surface. Some rakes have adjustable tines that can be set to different widths to accommodate different bunker sizes and shapes.

In addition to smoothing out the sand, maintenance rakes are also used to remove debris such as leaves, twigs, and trash from the bunkers. The rake is also used to shape the bunkers, creating slopes and contours that challenge golfers and add visual interest to the course.

Maintenance rakes are an important tool for golf course maintenance crews as they help to ensure that the bunkers are in good condition and provide a consistent playing surface for golfers.

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