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Turf Care

Turf care equipment refers to tools and machinery used for maintaining lawns, sports fields, and other grassy surfaces. Some common types of turf care equipment include:

  • Lawn mowers: Used to cut and trim grass to a specific height.
  • Aerators: Used to puncture the soil and allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass.
  • Top dressers: Used to spread a layer of soil, compost, or other material over the grass to improve its health.
  • Seeders: Used to distribute grass seed evenly over an area.
  • Sod cutters: Used to remove pieces of sod for replacement or transplanting.
  • Rollers: Used to press down and smooth soil or newly-laid sod.
  • Fertilizer spreaders: Used to distribute fertilizer evenly over a lawn or sports field.
  • Sprayers: Used to apply water, fertilizer, pesticides, or other liquids to a turf surface.

These tools are used to ensure the health and appearance of grassy surfaces, and can be operated manually or powered by gasoline, electricity, or batteries.

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